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“Architecture is by definition co-productive” – Peter Verhaeghe to speak at the PEP-NET Summit

19. April 2012 – 13:28 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Peter Verhaeghe

Peter Verhaeghe

As an architect, civil servant, and engaged citizen, Peter Verhaeghe is familiar with citizen participation from several perspectives. He will be speaking at the PEP-NET Summit and taking part in a discussion about transparency, public participation, and architecture. He will argue that architecture is by definition co-productive and that an architect must build confidence by reconciling political pressure and pressure from citizens in a transparent manner.

Peter works as an architect for the Brussels Capital Region in Belgium. He is also a member of the citizens’ group stRaten-generaal. stRaten-generaal was awarded the Flemish Democracy Prize for its work in organising citizens against a proposed viaduct in preference of a tunnel.

Full details and registration for the PEP-NET Summit can be found at amiando.com/pep-net.

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