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1. May 2008 – 10:51 by Bengt Feil

Dr. Francesco Molinari holds a MSc and a MA in Local Public Management (Siena University, 2007 & 2005) and a BSc in Social and Economic Disciplines (Milan “L. Bocconi” University, 1990). He is also a PhD Scholar on Public Management at the Department of Business and Social Studies of Siena University.

Currently a business consultant for several public and private organizations, with a particular eye on fund raising and management of EU supported projects and initiatives, between 1994 and 2002 he has been economic and financial manager at a local development agency based in Massa, with 800+ associated SMEs. In that position, he was chair of the Massa-Carrara Territorial Pact.
In 2002 he was a manager at Massa-Carrara Chamber of commerce and then between 2003 and 2008 strategic advisor of the Mayor of the City of Massa, with special assignments in the areas of internal process restructuring, ghost writing and high coordination of all the municipal corporations. Between 2003 and 2006 he was also a contract professor at Pisa University, designer of the e-Government module at the Political Science Faculty. In 2007 and 2008 he joined the International Research Unit at ALTEC SA, the second largest ICT company of Greece for R&D expenditure, holding the responsibility for eGovernment research.

In his brief career Francesco has been involved in the coordination of (or participation in) several ICT-related projects funded by the European Commission, like e.g. IDEAL-EU (eParticipation-2007/1/008), TELL-ME (eTEN-2006/1/046319), LEXIPATION (eParticipation-2006/1/017), NOPIK (FP5/IST-2001-33487), e.Bip (FP5/IST-1999-10710), FUCOLAMP (CRAF-1999-71944), WEARIT@WORK (FP6/IST-004216-2004), ECOLEAD (FP6/IST-506958-2004), and others at national and regional level.

For the European Commission, DG INFSO, Unit F4, he led in 2008 a study for the assessment of the Living Labs approach in the EU innovation scenario. He was also part of a previous study regarding the impact assessment of ICT RTD and deployment on national and regional innovation systems, funded by the Evaluation Unit of the same DG. His current research interests include quality management in local Government, community evaluation of public services and the impact analysis of collaborative technologies into social and institutional settings.


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