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As PEP-NET is an open network, we welcome every relevant organisation to join. Below you find a set of guiding principles of the network. If you think your organisation should be part of PEP-NET or if you need any information about the network do not hesitate to contact us!

Guiding principles of the Pan-European e-Participation Network (PEP-NET)

PEP-NET tries to improve the situation for all stakeholders interested in the field of e-Participation, namely solution providers, scientist and researchers, citizens and public administrations. This shared goal is manifested in a number of guiding principles.

All PEP-NET members commit themselves to:

  • Take part in PEP-NET activities in constructive way.
  • Bring in their organisations unique abilities.
  • Try to further improve the visibility of the network and the topic of e-participation in Europe.
  • Take responsibility for organizing and promoting local and regional e-Participation events.
  • Support the activities of other PEP-NET members through advice and active engagement.
  • Identify and suggest valuable members for the network to the project coordinator.
  • Be open for criticism and advice from other PEP-NET members as well as to provide the same to other members.
  • Identify and facilitate possible synergies and co-operations among PEP-NET members.
  • Not damage the networks reputation through their activities or communication.
  • Not misuse the network for activities that harm the network as a whole, as for example advertising.

As a member of PEP-NET organisations gain a number of advantages:

  • Being listed as a member organisation in dissemination material and on events.
  • Having the possibility to take part in exclusive PEP-NET events.
  • Gaining writing rights to the PEP-NET weblog to reach out to the European e-Participation community
  • The project coordinator will facilitate co-operations and business contacts among PEP-NET partners.
  • Tapping into the knowledge and experience that is represented by the PEP-NET partners.

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