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Citizen Space launches- an open source consultation and engagement platform

25. November 2010 – 18:39 by Delib

PEP-NET member Delib has launched Citizen Space, an open-source consultation and engagement platform.  Citizen Space has been developed as a collaborative project between the UK Government and digital democracy company Delib, and has been designed to help government departments to set-up, organise and publicise consultations across the internet with one easy-to-use system.


Co-design has been at the heart of the Citizen Space project, with government departments involved at each stage of Citizen Space’s 12 month development process.

Easy-to-use and empowering

Key objectives that Citizen Space has been designed to address include:

– Manage and organise multiple consultations across multiple policy teams

– Share consultation information openly in a structured way

– Create a easy and robust way to create online consultations on complex policy documents

– Provide a way to easily analyse consultation data (both qualitative and quantitative)

– Provide a central space to manage / track responses – whether it’s online responses or postal responses

Open source

Citizen Space has been developed as an open-source consultation and engagement platform, enabling government departments and the wider digital democracy community to build on the foundations that have been developed, leveraging efficiencies by sharing development costs and benefits.

The open source nature of the Citizen Space platform also means that government departments are flexible in how they implement and use Citizen Space, as they’re not bound by specific vendor licenses.

An expandable suite of online engagement tools

Citizen Space is a set of open source software, which consists of Consultation Finder and Quick Consult. Importantly, Citizen Space is designed as an open-source platform which can be freely added to over time – with all improvements benefiting the government community as a whole.

Consultation Finder

Consultation Finder is a centralised hub designed to help in-house teams manage consultation processes efficiently online.

* Central platform for multi-partner management

* Consultation database to find and sort multiple consultations

* Easy-to-use content management system

* RSS syndication for sharing

Quick Consult

Quick Consult is an online consultation app designed to allow government departments to quickly and easily create an interactive policy consultation.

* Easily set up both linear and non-linear online consultations

* Let people comment on complex policy-documents

* Analyse quantitative and qualitative data

* Manage respondents live

To see a demo version of Citizen Space, visit

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Delib says a big hello to PEP-NET!

30. October 2008 – 13:38 by Delib

Dear all

After finally getting an errant fax machine to work Delib have become the newest member of PEP-NET!

We are primarily an online opionion research and e-consultation company based in Bristol, UK. By offering both ready to go products (such as our Budget Simulator) and bespoke services we like to cover all the e-consultation bases. Our clients are public sector bodies including governemnt departments and councils.

We are currently working hard on our new consultation modules for our Opinion Suite package, which is an open source mix and match system consisting of a consultation database, a survey tool, and a stakeholder database to follow shortly. It is a good example of our customisation ethos at Delib, where we make the what the client wants and needs, not a one size fits all product.

We are interested in e-participation ideas that work. We want to use PEP-NET as a resource for research and dissemination of best practice. We think we have a lot to offer with our view from the coal face over the last 7 years, which hopefully will offer a a different perspective from the more academic approach others bring.

Delib will be at the Headstar Conference (11th November, London) leading a workshop on Open source in e-democracy, and we hope to meet our fellow PEP-NET associates there!