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(Research) conferences about eParticipation & Youth: an overview for 2013

20. March 2013 – 17:01 by nadine

Also in 2013, there will be some good occasions to exchange about eParticipation & youth, in particular from a research perspective. The benefits for participants is obvious: next to updates about important and relevant developments in the field of eParticipation, participants value the inspiration for upcoming trends, high-class keynote speeches and the possibility to network and get together. As a side effect new project ideas are born – another good reason to attend such conferences.


We have pulled together a small overview about relevant research conferences for 2013. For further, detailed information about the below mentioned conferences please browse the link under each paragraph (e.g. conference fee, registration). The overview below is not complete, hence if you do find another conference worth to mention, please add a comment and a link, if available.


Youth 2.0: Connecting, Sharing and Empowering? Affordances, Uses and Risks of Social Media

March, 20-22 | Antwerp, Belgium | Working language: English

The call for papers ended end of November last year, thus, the final program is in process.

The conference focuses on the themes of identity construction, social relations, interests at stake, supporting and empowering.

Within the strand of interest at stake, the question is included, how young people can be mobilized through social media. The concrete design of this thematic strand will be answered once the final program is published. In particular to what extant eParticipation is addressed concretely.

Further information:*UCSIAENG2&n=108874&ct=108874



Youth and Civic Participation. Is a Younger Generation Reshaping European Politics?

May, 15-17 | Antwerp, Belgium | Working language: English

The UCSIA devotes a whole conference to the topic of youth and digital participation. The call for papers has ended end of January. Overall, the conference addresses four key themes: Motives and values that inspire youth to engage, Old and new behaviour of civic participation, Context and skills that condition youth civic participation, Impact and influence of youth civic participation on contemporary politics.

Further information:*UCSIAENG2&n=110394



Cedem – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2013

May, 21-23 | Krems, Austria | Working language: English

Till February 5th interested ones in this conference could use the chance to submit a paper or a workshop proposal within the call for papers.

The conference offers a great variety of thematic tracks related to current questions: E-Democracy and E-Participation, Open Collaborative Government,

E-Policies and E-Society – Human Rights for the Internet Age, Social and Mobile Media for Public Administration, E-Campaigning & E-Politics,

Bottom-Up Movements, Open Data, Transparency and Open Innovation, Open Science and Open Access, Freedom and Ethics in Digital Societies.

In what extant eParticipation and youth will be addressed, the final program will show, once it is published.

Further informationen:



12th Nordic Youth Research Symposium (NYRIS) – Changing societies and cultures: Youth in the digital age

June, 12-14 | Tallinn, Estonia | Working language: English

The call for papers ended these days on January 31st, thus, the next step towards the final program is in progress. The conference addresses in general the challenges of the digital change from a youth perspective. Overall, the organisers offer 30 sessions in 16 streams, displaying a large variety of topics such as, youth participation and political activities, online youth activism, youth and digital games, youth and online identities, as well as youth and media.

Further information:



12. eGOV & 4.ePART

September, 16-19 | Koblenz, Germany | Working language: English

Within the 12th eGOV conference, the 4th edition of ePART takes place as an own thematic track. The deadline for contributions, such as papers, is March 15. For workshop proposals and panels counts a different deadline for which it is advisable to browse the conference website regularly, to be up to date about it.

In 2012 some new relevant insights about eParticipation and youth could be presented, let’s see for 2013 edition.

Further information:  



Some further inspiration can be found in the blog post from Tim Bonnemann (@planspark) from Intellitics, providing additional information on conferences in Northern America, for example.

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