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Public services 2.0 – open declaration

10. July 2009 – 13:00 by Hanss-Christian Lange

During the past month we could see that web 2.0 is THE important issue for the communication of the citizens in the nearest future. Not even citizens use the advantages of twitter or facebook. A lot of politicians put information on and let people participate and discuss different topics.

We see an important development in the communication between the different target groups. The communication is in a change from using e-mail (oneway) to blog, twitter and collaboration. The public sector has to face this fact and be a part of the development. For example people want to discuss issues whenever they want and when they are relavant for them – not only when there are elections or they are asked. When you have a close look at the social-networks you recognise an extraordinary transparency in the way people act and react.

On one hand this could be a chance in presenting E-Government-Services and E-Participation in a new kind of way and in a way “web citizens” want to act. On the other hand the public sector should to be driven by the society without loosing it`s reliability and seriousness. But the public sector also has to deliver as much value to the citizens as possible. Therefore it is important to put this topic in a wider context so we get as much people as possible to participate at the new developments. It is a matter of fact that beeing a founding member of the EU eparticipation network PEP-NET we take these developments serious and should put them on top of our agenda.

We should to take an interest in the discussion “Declaration on Public Services 2.0” to get an impression of whats the matter with this and what do involved parties think about this issue.