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The Government 2.0 Camp 2010 in Berlin – Public administration eye to eye with Social media

8. September 2010 – 12:05 by Bengt Feil (TuTech Innovation GmbH)

On September 30st and October 1st Berlin will be the place to be for public servants, academics and all sorts of people active in the field of Government 2.0. After the very successful first Gov2.0 Camp last year the idea of an unconference aimed at bringing together Social Media experts and activists with public administration representatives has made its mark on Germany and consequently let to the organisation of the Government 2.0 Camp 2010.

The video below shows the Government 2.0 Camp 2009 and keeping the development in Germany since then in mind this year’s crowd will possibly be even bigger:

A look at the sessions planning site shows the wide variety of topics that will be discussed: Open Source for Governments, law making processes using Government 2.0, Open Data, How to learn from Wikipedia and the list goes on.

After the great success of last year this year’s event puts a new twist on the open format of the unconference by splitting the event into two days and also two locations (both right in the city centre).

Day one (September 30st; 1pm till 7pm) will take place in the Bavarian Representation at the Federal Government in Berlin. This day will serve both as an introduction to the field for new attendees and interested persons and also provide room for a pre-planned program with high-level speakers.

The location for the second day (October 1st; 8:45am till 5:30pm) will be the Bertelsmann Foundations premises. This day will be held as an open unconference with attendees providing the contents of the sessions and lots of room for discussion and networking. You can add your idea for a session to this spreadsheet.

If you cannot join the event in person I would suggest following the #g20c hashtag on Twitter for comments and remarks from the participants and to give your input to the sessions.

As the Gov2.0 Camp attended by German speakers and most sessions are done in German the event is a great companion to the internationally focussed PEP-NET Summit a week earlier in Hamburg.

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