eParticipation News digest November 27th - December 11th

11. December 2009 – 15:50 by Bengt Feil

In this article I would like to mention a few interesting posts related to eParticipation in the last two weeks. The goal is to give an overview of what was going on in the eParticipation realm over that time. The full articles are always linked to under the short summaries.

The big news of the last two weeks was the launch of the Open Government Directive by the Obama administration. Tim Bonnemann points out the few paragraphs of the document going into participation and presents the timeline set by the directive for its implementation.

Dave Briggs argues that web casting council meetings is not a very good way to get the population involved into the political process. It is quite costly and only produces small audiences. His overall conclusion is that “whilst piloting webcasting made sense, now we know the lesson: it rarely delivers.”

Anna Carola Freschi discusses the success of the online campaign related to noberlusconiday.org which was able to mobilise 350.000 people online and was able to attract a lot of media attention to their cause. She points out that traditional forms of political participation like collective action and protest are still valid and important in democracies today.

Peter Cruickshank provides a great overview of the proceedings of the Future Democracy ’09 conference in London. He points out the wide variety of activities in the field from online campaigning to ePetitions and youth participation.

Google Wave has made quite an impression on the media and online community over the course of the last weeks. Several dozen members of the eParticipation community used the tool to discuss how it may be used for online collaboration and participation. This article sums up this discussion and comes to the conclusion that “It does not seem to be ready for wide use by non-technical minded people and therefore for public participation processes. On the other hand it could be very useful in supporting these processes.”

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  2. By Mark Pack on Dec 12, 2009

    Thanks for picking up on the webcasting post. One small correction: it’s a guest piece by myself rather than by Dave Briggs himself.

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