In Italy, foreign EU citizens are basically denied political rights. What about your Countries?

1. April 2010 – 11:01 by depp

EU citizens may participate in EP and local elections in which ever Member state they live, but often they do not know or find obstacles to exercising their right. In Italy, only about 10% of EU citizens nationals have been admitted to vote in 2009 and candidates were hardly to be found. Please let us know if there is a similar participation gap in your country.

Because countries may do more to let residents from other EU Member states exercise their political rights, the European Commission has set a priority and welcomes funding project proposals aimed at promoting active participation in the democratic life of the Union. Priority will be given to projects focusing on the exercise of electoral rights of Union citizens in the Member State where they reside and of which they are not nationals. The Commission will support activities aimed at encouraging and supporting grassroots initiatives and projects carried out by associations in which non national Union citizens, residing in another Member State than their own, are involved” (Call for proposals JLS/2009-2010/FRAC/AG Action Grants, deadline 29 April 2010 - Programme “Fundamental Rights and Citizenship” for the period 2007-2013).
Lara Olivetti, info [at]
ass. depp (openpolis)

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