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29. May 2008 – 07:48 by

Part of the Pep-Net project is to make good examples of projects more visible. is part of the new european network Pep-Net and collects data about participatory online projects. Is your best practice example included already? Do you know of more examples? To report new examples just fill in the box at the right column - we only need the URL! The data will be delivered to an editor at where a short description of the website will be written. If you want, you can also send us more information.

The website, built by and the British Council Germany about one year ago, already consists of a database of about 200 projects. Now its time to include some more examples from other countries! Before launch, the partners had published a short study (PDF) in 2006, comparing the state of the art of e-Democracy in Germany and the United Kingdom (”Facilitating active Citizenship. E-Participation in the United Kingdom and Germany”).

European eDemocracy Award 2008

27. May 2008 – 22:05 by POLITECH

Submit your eDemocracy initiative!!


The European eDemocracy Award is an annual award honouring the most valuable European eDemocracy initiative amongst 50 selected websites in EU 27 featuring a wide range of eDemocracy tools and content strengthening eParticipation, transparency, representative participatory democracy and citizen participation in the democratic decision-making processes at the European, national or local levels of governance.

50 eDemocracy initiatives and websites across the EU 27 are selected for the European eDemocracy Award 2008 and analyzed according to 2 combined innovative indices:

The IP-LABEL INDEX is a ratio out of 20 measuring these initiatives in terms of availability and performance over a month period.

The POLITECH INDEX is a ratio out of 40 measuring these initiatives in terms of innovation, usability, content and diversity of technology and tools strengthening participatory representative democracy in Europe and reflecting 4 key dimensions:

1) The Political Dimension – measures the use of ICT to empower, activate and mobilize political and civil society actors to meet public affairs objectives, while being on top of the political agenda;

2) The Democratic Dimension – measures the use of ICT to strengthen citizen participation in the democratic and decision-making processes and enhances representative democracy.

This a key dimension as emphasized by Dr. Lawrence Pratchett’s C.L.E.A.R. Model in which people participate when they can and have the necessary resources to make their argument and when they feel part of something, they like to participate as it is part of their sense of identity, when they are enabled to do so and directly asked for their opinion and when they experience a responsive system;

3) The Civic Dimension – measures the use of ICT to inform, train and educate constituents, citizens and Read the rest of this entry »

PEP-NET officially launches

1. May 2008 – 06:00 by Bengt Feil (TuTech Innovation GmbH)

May 1st has been set as the official launch date of the Pan European eParticipation Network. With that date having arrived we looking forward to working with our initial partners and everybody joining us on our way.

In the next years we will try to advance the participatory efforts in Europe and to build a open and strong network including members from all stakeholders active in the field.

As PEP-NET is all about exchange of knowledge and the will to further develop eParticipation in Europe we ask everyone to join our conversation both online and offline.