Images for reflection (I): Evolution of the views on “What participation is”

9. September 2009 – 00:07 by Asociacion Ciudades Kyosei

Evolution of the views on what participation is

“Evolution” of the views on “What participation is”??
Everybody is invited to reflect on it.


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[In Publication] PRIETO-MARTÍN, P. (2009) (e)Participación en el Ámbito Local: caminando hacia una democracia colaborativa, Sololá (Guatemala): Asociación Ciudades Kyosei. []
[The first two chapters of the book will be presented at the “XIV CLAD Congress on State Reform and Modernization (Salvador de Bahia - Brasil)” - 27.-30. October 2009; they received the 2nd. Prize of the Congress’ Monographs Contest about: “Citizen Participation in Public Management”]

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