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17. May 2010 – 09:45 by Civil College

During the last member meeting of Pep-net in Krems, we have made several statements about the future perspectives of Pep-net and the paths, how we should get there. A common point of view, that members have shared collectively during the meeting that we need good leadership to the path as well, how we plan to formulate future Pep-net. I am recommending two opinions for designing and planning our common future.

The first one is a connecting discussion in a LinkedIn group:

What are for practitioners the key aspects of good governance and management practices (particularly for NPOs).
Imagine you get suddenly involved in a new NPO, what are for you the fist aspects or characteristics to look at to get an idea whether they are “best-in-class” or rather “not at al best-in-class”? In fact, what is your ’short check list’ to get your first impression?

The group discussion contains several key document links, which can help to formulate an opinion about an organization’s state of management.

The other one is a book, that I strongly recommend to all readers - if you have not read the great book Leadership from Below from Trond Arne Undheim, which is giving a great perspective, how to lead an organization, from below of yourself.

leadership_From_belowHappy Monday to all readers!

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