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Hello from the Gartner Symposium/ITXPO 2009 in Cannes!

3. November 2009 – 15:49 by Renate Mitterhuber

At the moment I am visiting the Gartner Symposium in Cannes which runs till Thursday, November 5th. All together I have the chance to visit nearly 500 sessions and workshops in four days. On the first day I was concentrating on the topics “social software”, “collaboration” and “web 2.0”.
Nikos Drakos and Gabriel Zany from Gartner started with the workshop “Getting what you need from the social software vendors” and Andrea di Maio, leading analyst for the public sector within Gartner, spoke about “From citizen-centric to citizen-driven and employee-centric government”.

At the workshop we worked in smaller groups concerning on the target groups “teams”, “community (internal)”, “network (internal)” and “external network/community”. Although we were broad mixture of people from different companies (most of them), scientists/universities (less) and administrations (very few), we found out that we work on the same challenges.

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