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23. April 2008 – 15:37 by CTI

The Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (CTI) is a non-profit National Research Organisation under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. The Institute’s goals are:

- to conduct basic and applied research concerning hardware and software technology, networks and the socio-economic impact of Information Society,

- to design and develop products and services, to support all forms of ICT, education and training in relation to the Information Society, - to provide consulting, management and technical support services, - to promote innovation and transfer of know-how.

CTI executes 25 projects annually on average, financed by the EU and national actions. CTI has also worked as a technical consultant for numerous Ministries for information and telecommunication technologies, in the Greek Public Sector, having therefore significant expertise in the use of ICTs in decision-making processes.

CTI has a modern technical infrastructure, a complete organisational set-up and a remarkable scientific staff of 210 people: experienced researchers, faculty members, computer engineers and technicians, other domain experts, postgraduate students and administrative staff.

CTI’s e-Government Sector ( is active in a wide range of areas concerning electronic governance:

- Electronic Democracy and security/trust methodologies with emphasis on electronic voting systems.

- Digitization, documentation, management and promotion of content.

- Language processing infrastructures and tools for effective information management

- Enterprise resource management systems, back-office reorganization and web services

Recently, eGov Sector has designed and developed an internet e-voting system, within a national research project.

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