PEP-NET Workshop: Scientists and researchers vision and expectations

28. May 2008 – 09:30 by Danish Technological Institute

The PEP-NET kick-off meeting and workshop on 21-21 May 2008 in Hamburg (DE) brought together experts to discuss their visions and expectations for PEP-NET along with the possible advantages of the initiatives. One such discussion focused on the scientific and research community in particular. In addition to the formal vision and aims of PEP-NET the workgroup members discuss how each could bring their unique abilities and resources to the network. The outcome of the discussions relevant for scientists and researchers is highlighted below:


  • Bring together different aspects, domain and expertise for mutual learning and benefit and to further the scientific and research work related to eParticipation
  • Consolidate and further work of the eParticipation community
  • Act as a resource/hub bringing together practitioners, academia, public, private and stakeholder communities


  • Facilitate synergies between existing networks (e.g. DEMO-NET) and projects (e.g. eParticipation study) NOT duplication of existing initiatives e.g. good practice cases ( and DEMO-NET)
  • Mutual exchange and consultation between members of the network.
  • PEP-NET as a resource for expertise including for researchers (incl students) to identify examples for study and vice versa
  • PEP-NET as a dissemination channel of research relevant to the eParticipation community


  • Access and contact with practitioners and public administration for research, gaining and sharing knowledge and cases for research
  • Good and bad practice exchange brought to practitioners and others outside the research community
  • Bring to other stakeholders scientific methodology, academic research and test-pilots
  • Exchange could reveal gabs for further research
  • Provide interesting network for potential partners


  • Bring in expertise from past, present and future projects and initiatives
  • Introduce our partners and networks to PEP-NET for synergies but also to increase awareness of eParticipation as a topic
  • Scientific methodology and research mapping relevant to decision makers (public and private)
  • Provide an scientific test bed
  • Dissemination of events, research done, new trends, proto types, solutions etc.
  • “exchange/recruitment” of staff could be an interesting aspect
  • Research community could in theory offer training (at what cost) or act as a source of competence development
  • eDemocracy Awards, dissemination and publicity channel
  • Multiplier effect in relation to the scientific and research community

Posted by: Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen, Danish Technological Institute, Business and Policy Analysis

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