Democracy week in Jarfalla municipality

2. October 2008 – 09:24 by Orebro University

In Jarfalla municipality in Sweden the work on improving and increasing democracy and participation began a few years ago. The work has been divided into many sub-projects, for example: democracy week, school visits and open meetings where citizens can ask questions and express opinions. Since 2004, residents in Jarfalla have also been able to provide municipal proposals to various changes in the municipality.

The most attractive event so far has however been the democracy week, which is going on right now. Some of the questions and topics to be addressed this year include the interaction between policy, citizens and the media, how important it is that people’s representatives are as people, what remains for local politicians to decide when many decisions lie with the EU as well as openness and citizen involvement in the planning of the municipality’s land use.

The goal is that Jarfalla 2012 is characterized by a high degree of transparency and participation, including via electronic meeting places. However, this must be implemented without representative democracy undermined. The new contact roads will complement today’s opportunities for participation.

Ake Gronlund of Orebro University will participate in democracy week on Friday when questions about e-democracy are particularly discussed. He will do a presentation of e-participation tools and methods to inform and inspire that development.

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