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7. April 2009 – 09:53 by Evika

A joint workshop between the European eParticipation study and the Demos@Work project will take place in the framework of the

7th Eastern European eGovernment Days, the 22nd of April 2009

in Prague (15.30-18.00 pm)



This workshop will present initial results from these two initiatives, giving participants an opportunity to learn at first hand what the research is demonstrating and how future work should be designed.

The European eParticipation study has undertaken a comprehensive review of eParticipation across Europe at all levels, including the European level. It now has a very good understanding of the main shaping factors, the benefits and barriers, as well as who is doing what, how and with which impacts.

To exemplify in more detail some of the above issues, the Demos@Work project will provide a detailed illustration of how European-wide discussion between elected representatives and civil society on emerging policy issues can have a potential impact on all countries within the European Union. The issue selected is the harmful effects of smoking. Real-life demonstrations and analyses will be given, accompanied by relevant contributions from policy-makers and MPs.

In order to register please contact
Evika Karamagioli
T: +30-210-6121340

Praha, Hybernská 18, Justi?ní Akademie

For more information please refer to the following website https://www.epma.cz/Demos@Work.html




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