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Unbalance citizen participation in EP elections – coded in the voting systems?

27. April 2009 – 11:24 by Civil College

This post is to highlight – although, we live in the same Europe, and have the same European Parliamentary representatives fighting for our interests (lol), the way, how they appear is really different.

In Hungary, for example only political parties can nominate EP candidates – through a list. This is somehow not only undemocratic, but if we take a look at the circumstances, they seem like artificial obstacles on the road, towards Bruxelles.

In Denmark, the situation is the same – only parties can nominate candidates (or it was a few years ago)

The first one-  collecting the needed “supporting papers”.

In Hungary, you have to collect 20.000 for each party, who would like to appear on the list – in Finland it is 2000.

In Austria, where individuals can also be candidates without the party background, 2400 is the entry, and in Holland, 25 is enough, with 25 000 krones deposit, while in Luxemburg it is 250.

The UK is really different. You need only 30 supporters, and 5000 pounds to be on the menu.

These examples are to raise the attention and the hopeful debate around the issue of equality around the EP elections.

For me, it is obvious, that there is no place for such national characteristics in European democracy, where citizens are only capable to be elected as candidates in the EP, if they are members of a political party.

If there will be a constitution, it has to address this issue clearly. My other concern is, that possibly, not the EP, nor the Commission is responsible for these kind of questions.

What is in your mind?


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