Are The European Elections 2009 Taking-off on the Web?

23. May 2009 – 17:23 by POLITECH

After the Obamania that has inflamed the Web, we are still waiting at D-15 for the European Elections 2009 to take-off on the web.

Besides a slow campaign from our political parties in Europe, the European Parliament has decided to launch video campaigns through its YouTube channel (EuropeanParliament channel).

A young blond screaming out her lungs is the new Marianne of Europe on the Web …

The New European Marianne

The European Parliament of the Youth is not restless as well with a new clip on DayliMotion …

Choisissez votre Eurodéputé ! (épisode 1)
Uploaded by pejfrance. - News videos hot off the press.

Should our political parties get some inspiration from our European Institutions?

The European Socialist Party is taking on some inspiration, as in its parody of the commercial “MAC versus PC” …

PSE - PPE - ALDE - En campagne !
Uploaded by PartiSocialiste. - Watch the latest news videos.

The European Green are coming back in force with Danny the Red (Daniel Cohn-Bendit nickname during the ’68 Revolution) and a “lipdub” (popular type of song in the Web):

Lipdub Europe Écologie sous-titrée Elections Européennes
Uploaded by EuropeEcologie. - See the latest featured music videos.

Are we going to “lipdub” our way to the voting station?

Are we going to witness an Euromania before June 7?

U count<br /> 4 EU

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