Spain asks the United Nations to have a bigger role in International Financial e-Governing

7. July 2009 – 14:45 by ASAEL

Spain supported the United Nations to have a bigger role in the international financial e-governing, as it was announced by Soraya Rodríguez, State Secretary of International Cooperation, to the multilateral organism in order to search a solution for the economic global crisis.

To achieve the results, authorities from Madrid asked for reinforcing the Economic and Social Council, in order to convert it in an indisputable reference institution for the debates concerning the economic and social development, so it will not be necessary to create new organisms.

The Spanish government bets on a reinforced Economic and Social Council, with better human resources, with an extended and clearer mandate counting with a real independent supporting net of experts to provide scientific evidence to its decisions.

It has also said that the United Nations role in international financial e-governing “mustn’t be excluding, on the other hand, should be complementary” to the other forums like the G-20 or the ones realized by the international financial institutions in the managing of international system concerning monetary, financial and commercial issues.

Other participants in the debates, like the Ecuador President, Rafael Correa, and other Latin Americans representatives, plead for United Nations to be the only one to take part in the debates concerning the solutions to the global economic crisis and its impact on the develop world.

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