The website of the Czech EU Presidency in the final of international eDemocracy Awards

18. August 2009 – 08:45 by Olga Lacigova - 21c

The Czech Republic EU presidency from January to June 2009 was according to the Czech Foreign Minister Kohout good, but not the best. “The Czech presidency rather focused on deeds that on procedures and processes,” said Kohout. However, one of the good things that the Czech Republic achieved during its presidency premiere was to create a website that was selected as one of the finalist for the annual eDemocracy Award. The website,, was selected for using the internet to contribute to reinforcing democracy and for involving citizens in public debate. The website had more than 2 million visitors which is more than previous presidency websites. The winner will be announced on 23rd of October in Paris.


-Veronika Cvejnová, editor-in-chief of the Czech EU Presidency website

-Prague Daily Monitor

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