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Comments to the White House OSTP Public Access Policy Forum

27. January 2010 – 11:51 by Centre for E-Government

The Office of Science and Technology Policy Public Access Policy Forum launched a public consultation on Public Access Policy. The Administration was looking for public input on access to publicly-funded research results, such as those that appear in academic and scholarly journal articles. From 10. December 2009 until 7. January 2010, comments on the agenda below could be posted on www.whitehouse.gov/open (forum now closed):

* Implementation (Dec. 10 to 20): Which Federal agencies are good candidates to adopt Public Access policies? What variables (field of science, proportion of research funded by public or private entities, etc.) should affect how public access is implemented at various agencies, including the maximum length of time between publication and public release?
* Features and Technology (Dec. 21 to Dec 31): In what format should the data be submitted in order to make it easy to search and retrieve information, and to make it easy for others to link to it? Are there existing digital standards for archiving and interoperability to maximize public benefit? How are these anticipated to change.
* Management (Jan. 1 to Jan. 7): What are the best mechanisms to ensure compliance? What would be the best metrics of success? What are the best examples of usability in the private sector (both domestic and international)? Should those who access papers be given the opportunity to comment or provide feedback?

Although the forum is closed,  Charles Bailey collected links to 45 major institutional submissions to the OSTP consultation on OA.

And Steven E. Hyman’s, Provost of Harvard, response publicised on The Occasional Pamphlet.

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