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PEP-NET Summit Keynote Speaker: Noella Edelmann (Update!)

13. August 2010 – 09:24 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Noella Edelmann

Noella Edelmann, Danube University

Noella Edelmann will be speaking in the section “eParticipation in Europe: Strategic Aims vs. Practical Application” at the PEP-NET Summit on 23rd September 2010 in Hamburg.

Mrs Edelmann is a researcher at the Centre for E-Government at the Danube University, Krems, Austria. Her research focuses on eParticipation, Open Access, internet and psychology, and user experience and has been published in numerous journals.

Mrs Edelmann’s academic career knows no borders, neither physical nor disciplinary: her first degree is in English and Psychology from Strathclyde University and she also boasts an MSc in Organisational Psychology from the University of London. She now focuses on eGovernment: she has an MAS in eGovernment from Danube University and is working towards her PhD in User Experience in E-Particpation.

Mrs Edelmann is the Managing Editor of JEDEM, the Open Access eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government and is responsible for CEDEM, the annual international Conference on eDemocracy, formerly known as EDEM.

The Centre for E-Government’s membership of PEP-NET has been a symbiotic relationship. Mrs Edelmann recruits speakers from the Network’s ranks and is organising a special PEP-NET edition of JEDEM together with the team at the Centre for E-Government. Work with PEP-NET has been able to influence the eParticipation calendar of events in Europe and led to the organisation of PEP-NET workshops held at EDEM and other members’ conferences, most recently the PEP-NET workshop “Best methods for undemocratic participation“. Along with several other PEP-NET members, the Centre is a partner in the EU-funded project “OurSpace”.

The Centre for E-Government is part of the Department of Governance and Public Administration. It conducts research, provides post-graduate programmes and is a competence centre for education in E-Government. Amongst its partners are the Austrian Chancellery and Austrian Federal Computing Centre.

The Centre for E-Government is a founding member of PEP-NET.

UPDATE: Due to personal reasons Ms. Edelmann will not be able to attend the PEP-NET Summit. Her speaking slot will be filled by Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen (National IT- and Telecom Agency, DTI, Denmark). More information on Mr. Meyerhoff Nielsen will follow shortly!

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