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9. April 2008 – 09:50 by christophdowe-politik-digital.de

The association pol-di.net e.V. was established to push development of the european information society and alter civil participation by the means of the internet, as is stated in the articles of association. pol-di.net aims at achieving these goals by contibuting to the issue in varius ways in a non-partisan way. 1999 we gathered 30.000 signatures to influence EU-Spam-Legislation. In 2003 we launched the “Kand-o-Mat”, a website with pictures of politicans to vote at (idea similar to “hotornot”) to make politics interesting in an entertaining manner. In 2004 we launched a campaign to introduce an “freedom of information act” in

Germany. In 2005, we started the website ich-gehe-nicht-hin (the british website notapathetic.com in German) for non-voters. In 2006 we launched the website sie-schreiben-dir.de (british website theywritetoyou.com in German). In 2007 we launched the database-website “e-participation.net” where people can present participatory online-projects. In 2008 we launched the website wie-weit-wollen-wir-gen.de, an open blog for young people to discuss political issues. We regularly invite Politicians to live-Internet-Chats and host the information website www.politik-digital.de. Since 2001 we offer research services in the field eDemocracy and eGovernment to finance the association; projects include research for the German parliament, ministries or the British Council Berlin.

On politik-digital.de we publish articles about eDemocracy, eGovernment and eConsumerism. All articles are provided by a volunteer network of about 100 authors and the core team. Various offline events adress the same issues. politik-digital.de was awarded numerous awards. Next to others, we were awarded the „Europrix 2002“ in the category “Citizens, Democracy and eGovernment: Empowerment and Improvement” for the project “wahlthemen.de”, where we made the issues of the German parliamentary elections 2002 accessable for a broader audience. Also, we werelabeled as one of the „25 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics“ by Politics Online in 2001 and 2003.

For more information visit: politik-digital.de


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