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EU Commission seeks advice from citizens

16. November 2009 – 12:20 by pol-di.net e.V / politik-digital.de

The Lisbon Treaty is expected to enter into force on December 1st, 2009. Consequently the European Citizens’ Initiative will become reality. The European Commission is now asking its citizens for support: How should the idea be put into practice?

“It is vital for democracy that the citizens participate in decision making,” said the European Commission Vice President, Margot Wallström. Starting next year, the signatures of one million EU citizens will be sufficient to provide the Commission with issues to negotiate.

However, certain details have yet to be clarified: In how many different nations should the  signatures be collected? How can be determined whether the signatures are authentic? Should there be an opportunity to participate online in the citizens’ initiatives?

A so-called Green-Book is supposed to push forward the concrete embodiment of the citizens’ initiative. EU citizens have the opportunity to send in their suggestions and opinions via mail or e-mail until the end of January 2010.


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