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The Importance of Risk Identification in eParticipation Projects

10. September 2010 – 15:37 by POLITECH

It’s not surprising that any kind of a project has a set of risks that can impair the project’s results. eParticipation projects can be especially exposed to a number of various risks, ranging from poor platform developments, which don’t meet users’ requirements and preferences, to inadequate communication strategies.

Therefore, developing a risk management plan in the early stage of a project is crucial. It allows to identify certain risks, to analyse them and to develop early strategies and solutions that will help in either minimizing their impact on a project or completely avoiding them.

However, the identification of risks at the beginning of a project is not enough, because additional risks might arise during the duration of the project or the proposed solutions and strategies to overcome them might prove to be ineffective. Thus, a continuous tracking and control of such risks is very much desirable. In this respect, the Continuous Risk Management (CRM) paradigm developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University (https://www.sei.cmu.edu/risk) can be a valuable strategy. It doesn’t only allow for continuous risk identification and management, but it also helps in assessing risk exposure by combining the impact and probability of the risk.

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