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EU: European Commission launches external survey to assess the e-Commission 2006-2010 Initiative

12. September 2010 – 00:59 by Madarász Csaba

from Epractice.Eu

As the e-Commission 2006-2010 initiative is now approaching its end, the Directorate General of Informatics (DIGIT) at the European Commission launched on 1 September 2010 an external survey to assess the progress achieved and to shape the new e-Commission 2011-2015.

The survey is open until 30 September 2010 and can be found and taken by all interested parties at the following link https://ec.europa.eu/yourvoice/ipm/forms/dispatch?form=eComSurvey. It is a completely anonymous survey and it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete.

The e-Commission 2006-2010 initiative aims to enable efficiency, effectiveness, better quality and more transparency for services to citizens, businesses and partner organisations as well as internal staff by making an optimal use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

At the same time 2010 is a transitional year, where the Digital Agenda for Europe invites the European Commission to “lead by example on open and transparent eGovernment by creating an ambitious e-Commission 2011-2015 action plan”.

Therefore, the respondents’ feedback will also show DIGIT and the Commission how to further improve their use of ICT and will shape the new e-Commission 2011-2015 initiative so to better serve the needs of European society.

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