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ePractice workshop on eParticipation

22. November 2010 – 17:08 by Rolf Luehrs

The “eParticipation” workshop is an initiative supported by the European Commission, Information Society and Media Directorate-General and will take place in Brussels, on 07 December 2010.

It  aims to bring together experience and practices available in the EU and to draw lessons from the variety of projects and engage citizens and civil society alike in debating top level policy issues for the European Union. This event will take place at the right time to place eParticipation on the new political agenda of the EU, while explore its possible contribution to major political reforms throughout the EU.

Workshop topics:

• eParticipation good practice: Examples of eParticipation success stories and lessons learned, related to large scale implementations in production or pilot operation.

• eParticipation experiment design: Innovative approaches to the design of eParticipation showcases that demonstrate concrete benefits for the democratic – processes.

• Assessment of impact and comparative research. Tracking and analysis of eParticipation initiatives. MOMENTUM support action results.

• eParticipation tools and services: Practical solutions for eConsultation, ePetition, conflict resolution and mediation, eDeliberation and others.

• ICT for argumentation support: How ICT tools can support eParticipation in more dimensions than simple communication media: collaboration, content management, etc.

• Policy issues: How is the eParticipation social and legal landscape formed in Europe and elsewhere? What are the key lessons learned from the projects so far?

• Social Risk assessment: What needs to be considered in order not to undermine the fundamental social requirements associated with Democracy?

• Current eParticipation Preparatory Action project reports. The workshop welcomes announcements from the current eParticipation Preparatory Action projects (EMPOWER, EUROPETITION, U@MARENOSTRUM, VIDI, VOICES, HUWY, and WAVE).

For more information for attendees and speaker, please visit the worshop announcement on ePractice.

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