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Web 2.0 Update: 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference and 4th European eGovernment Awards

12. November 2009 – 16:22 by Danish Technological Institute

Much focus has been on Web 2.0 technology as an enabler for wider dissemination, awareness raising and not least participation and transparency. It is therefore interesting to see that Web 2.0 technologies are being used in various ways for a range of purposes in this year’s 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference, 18-20 November, in Malmö (Sweden) and 4th European eGovernment Awards.

Webcast of conference sessions

The plenary sessions and three of the parallel sessions at the Ministerial eGovernment Conference will be webcast live and on demand this year from the conference website In addition the ceremony for the 4th European eGovernment Awards will most likely also be the subject of a webcast.

The programme is available on

Twitter flies over Malmö 18-20 November

In addition to RSS feed, Twitter feed is available onthe Ministerial eGovernment Conference website Participants are actively encourage to Twitter about the Informal Ministerial Meeting on eGovernment and the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference to use the hashtag #egov2009.

Online vote for European eGovernment Awards Public Prize

Following success of the first online vote in relation to the European eGovernment Awards 2007 in Lisbon (Portugal) the European Commission and the European eGovernment Awards Consortium decided early onto continue practicing what they preach.  The objective has been to: increase the visibility and status of public sector ICT projects in Europe; encourage good practice exchange, and; to encourage active involvement and participating in the European eGovernment Awards by the and wider stakeholder communities.

The online voting for the European eGovernment Awards Public Prize was therefore launched late this summer and closed on 11 November at 18:00 CET. Members of the community have been able to vote for their favorite cases from among the 52 European eGovernment Awards 2009 finalists.  The online vote is in addition to other ICT initiative by the awards consortium and the European Commission for a fully electronic submission process via and the remote evaluation of the received submissions by the jury in the first phase of the evaluation.

The voting is now closed but the 52 finalist cases remain published at and are open to receive members’ comments.  The winner of the Public Prize will be announced at the awards ceremony on 19 November at 18:30 – and likely to the subject of a webcast.

Virtual exhibition

For the first time the European eGovernment Awards finalist are accessible online through a virtual exhibition. The virtual exhibition can be visited on (NB: for practical reasons you have to register). Naturally an electronic version of the conference exhibition catalogue will be available on as of 19 November when the Ministerial eGovernment Conference and Exhibition opens.

Other news

Ministerial tour of European eGovernment Awards Finalist stands

A ministerial tour of the European eGovernment Awards Finalists stands will take place on 18 November 2009 at the Ministerial eGovernment Conference and Exhibition. 

Finalist country fact sheets

To enhance the promotion of the European eGovernment Awards Finalists 2009 17 country factsheets from those European countries from which finalists have been selected for the European eGovernment Awards 2009. The factsheets are published in English but will be made available in the relevant national languages in the beginning of November. The fact sheets are available with other dissemination material on

News and background

Danish Technological Institute/Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen – European eGovernment Awards Consortium Partner

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Online vote for Public Prize: European eGovernment Awards practice what we preach…

8. October 2009 – 13:41 by Danish Technological Institute

Practicing what we preach, the European eGovernment Awards, and the European Commission invite members of the and PEP-NET communities to vote for their favourite cases among the 52 European eGovernment Awards 2009 finalists. The 4th European eGovernment Awards Public Prize is awarded to the finalist receiving the highest number of votes.

There are four categories for the European eGovernment Awards 2009, including the Public Prize. The themes of the categories are in line with the European Union’s framework and reflect the priorities of the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference. As in 2007, the fourth category is the Public Prize and therefore not subject to expert evaluation.

The Public Prize is based on an online vote by members for the best case from among the 52 shortlisted finalists. As such, the Public Prize represents a unique opportunity to be part of the process, help the European Commission to select the best practices and support your preferred finalists in winning one of the prestigious European eGovernment Awards.

Vote and win!

Cast your votes for the Public Prize by 18 October 2009 and you might be one of the five lucky portal members to receive free admission to the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference in Malmö. In addition, all voters who cast their votes before 11 November 2009 – the final online voting deadline – will have a chance at winning some of our other prizes: USB phone chargers and computer screen cleaners.

The winners will be chosen randomly in two separate draws: One for free admission to the Ministerial eGovernment Conference and one for our other prizes. All winners will be notified by e-mail. All portal members who vote online for their three favourite cases from among the 52 finalists will be eligible for the draw, excluding European Commission and staff and contractors.

If a winner of the free admission to the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference fails to confirm his/her attendance within five working days after being notified, the invitation will be offered to another voter. Note that the invitation includes admission to the conference only, i.e. all costs regarding travel and accommodation will NOT be covered.

The 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference will be held on 19-20 November 2009 in Malmö (Sweden). This high-level conference offers a unique learning and networking opportunity, bringing together more than 1 000 prominent public and private decision-makers and experts from across Europe and beyond. This is a unique opportunity to be granted admission to this high-profile event: attendance is limited and by invitation only!

How to vote?

Votes can be cast only online, using the voting facility on the site. In order to vote, you must be a registered member of (membership open to all) and have the minimum required user profile. Please read the online voting rules here before starting to vote.

Voters are asked to cast votes for three finalists from at least two countries to strengthen the European dimension of the Public Prize. If you vote for three cases from the same country, your votes will be disqualified.

Online voting closes on 11 November 2009 at 18:00 CET.  

 Further information: 

Posted by: Danish Technological Institute, Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen

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Pre-registration for “eGovernment Research and Innovation: Empowering Citizens through Government Services across Sectors and Borders” now open

2. September 2009 – 12:30 by Danish Technological Institute

As you may know a pre-conference to the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference 2009 is under preparation. The conference is hosted under the Swedish Presidency of the EU, and is arranged by Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, and the City of Malmö.

Under the title “eGovernment Research and Innovation: Empowering Citizens through Government Services across Sectors and Borders” the aim of the pre-conference is to demonstrate actual use of and potential of eGovernment research and incorporate the following themes:

  • Empowering citizens and businesses
  • Enhancing opportunities for businesses and citizens in the internal market
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in all government services
  • Citizen dialogue

As you see the pre-conference is directly linked to the topics of the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference: Teaming up for the eUnion (, 19-10 November, also in Malmö. The Ministerial eGovernment Conference – like the European eGovernment Awards 2009 ( presented at an integrated exhibition of the 52 Awards finalists and a ceremony on 19 November announcing this year’s winners – focus on eGovernment supporting the Single Market, eGovernment services empowering citizens and businesses as well as eGovernment enabling administrative efficiency and effectiveness.

The key-note address will be delivered by Swedish Minister for Local Government and Financial Markets, Mr Mats Odell and a dinner will be hosted by Vinnova and City of Malmö in the evening at the old City Hall.

The conference is by invitation only and places are limited, but you are encouraged to register your interest in participating on (see pre-registration). Here you will also find the programme and further practical information.

Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen/Danish Technological Institute