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How will the social web evolve in 2009?

11. December 2008 – 15:47 by Bengt Feil (TuTech Innovation GmbH)

2008 definitely was a great year for everybody involved in social media and the web in general as for example new forms of communication developed (micro-messaging), online video content went mainstream (Hulu) and the largest and most successful online campaign helped to make Barrack Obama into the oval office. But what will 2009 bring to for the citizens of the net? Will it again be another “great” year or will the financial crush and other problems also effect web and it inhabitants? Fast Company posted a great article compiling the predictions for 2009 of eight persons who have different insights into the field. Four main trends can be identified from their statements:

1.) The personal profile on the web will become portable

Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs thinks that social networks will start to merge and that data portability (e.g. the possibility for users to synchronize their data between platforms) will take off. Mary Hodder (Founder of Dabble.com) also thinks that user will be able to unify their online presence. But she also thinks Facebook will have trouble to compete with others in an open environment as they are they best example of a “walled garden”. From my point of view this prediction seems reasonable taking into account the ideas represented in Facebook Connect, Friend connect and Open Social.

2.) The social web will go mainstream

For Tara Hunt (Co-Founder Citizen Agency and Citizen Space) 2009 will be the year when the participatory elements of the social web will go mainstream. Susan Mernit of People Software also seen the social web as a mainstream phenomenon.

3.) Location aware software will have a major push forward

Rebecca Moore (Director of Outreach, Google Earth) the idea of location awareness of software and social mapping is of major importance for 2009. The proliferation of GPS units in many devices seems to work in favour of that prediction. Nate Ritter agrees that location information will become much more useful to the user.

4.) The economic crisis will affect the web

Richard Yoo, Founder of Hush Labs thinks many companies will suffer from the economic development. Nate Ritter also sees the changes behaviour of Venture Capitalist and predicts tough times for startups and the need for them to focus on producing revenue.

What do you think will the next year bring for the social web and especially for eParticipation? Please write your predictions in the comments!

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  1. 4 Responses to “How will the social web evolve in 2009?”

  2. By Fraser Henderson on Dec 14, 2008

    Hmmm…realy thought provoking, thanks.

    Here are some of my own preditions, some probably beyond 2009 but fun to consider:-

    i) Growth in video snippets for consultation and marketing purposes due to integration of pico-projectors in mobile devices.

    ii) The death of email? Messaging within social networks becomes the “norm”.

    iii) E-Ink revolutionises offline collaberation

    iv) Widespread revamp of websites due increasing mobile access

    v) The first eGov empowerment “scandal” due to “Astroturfing” (the rise of artificial grassroot organisations).

    vi) Narrowing of web liberties (or censorship) due to high-level concerns over the ownership and governance of its infrastructure.

    vii) A new digital divide…due to superfast roll-out


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