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Reflecting on 2009

24. December 2009 – 17:43 by Fraser Henderson - ICELE

So, last year Bengt gave us his predictions for 2009…but did they come true? Here’s the original list:-

1.) The personal profile on the web will become portable
2.) The social web will go mainstream
3.) Location aware software will have a major push forward
4.) The economic crisis will affect the web

I broadly think we saw all of this, particularly [1]. So how about trends for 2010? Here’s some from a fellow blogger:-

• Social computing will continue to grow in government, but won’t hit critical mass in 2010
• Self-service integration and app creation makes deeper inroads
• Open data goes back to the drawing board
• Cloud computing will go big
• Government 2.0 apps expand the boundaries of transparency and citizen involvement
• Government portals (rightly) continue to incorporate social media, but deep engagement will be elusive for now
• Collaborative video, geo-enablement, mobile, and crowdsourcing will get initial lift but remain niches

While I like these I’m going for something more specific (because it’s more fun like that):-

• Gov overload: More Health and Police related stuff
• Customer Insight: Social media audits the norm
• Restructuring : Encompass digital roles
• eDem: Open standards
• The net : Less web focus, more on interactive hardware
• Mobile : Andriod surges (santa please send me the Milestone), virals go mobile video
• eRecovery : More Homeshoring, cloud computing, Google Enterprise & Google LocalGov winners
• Industry: Mergers and bye-byes of some familiar names

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