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A survey and video conference on the future of PEP-NET

18. May 2010 – 17:04 by Francesco Molinari

Dear PEP-NET partners and associate members,

Apologies for this misuse of a public site for internal information distribution, but we thought it was good to make the process transparent to our non partner readers as well.

As you may know, the EU-funded project is coming to an end soon, but there is the intention to continue the PEP-NET experience by creating a more solid form of partnership, like an international non profit association, holding no financial risk for its members.

To appreciate what and how should be done in that direction, a survey has been launched among the PEP-NET (full and associate) members, by means of a personal invitation emailed to everyone on Friday 14th at 14:59 CET. In case you have lost or forgot about it, you will get a personal reminder pretty soon.

There is time for your response till Friday, 21st May at 12:00 CET.

What was not in the invitation, because it is today’s decision only, is that the survey results will be discussed and turned into action items for the foundation of the new PEP-NET association during a dedicated meeting of a “Temporary Steering Committee”, scheduled on Friday 25th & Saturday 26th of June in Berlin. There will also be a dedicated video conference session, open to all interested PEP-NET “fans”, on Friday, 25th of June at 16:00-17:00 CET, and that I cordially invite you to attend!

A note about logistics: People who want to take part in the video conference session have to register in advance. Daniel Roleff from politik-digital will set up the technology according to the number of participants. For registration, send an e-mail to Daniel (droleff AT politik-digital.de) and state your instant messaging ID (Skype, Vsee, GoogleTalk or Jabber). Please register soon, latest by Friday, 18th of June. There will be no further notice.

Thanks for your participation!

On behalf of the Temporary Steering Committee,

Francesco Molinari
info AT pep-net.eu


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