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PEP-NET Summit Keynote Speaker: Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen

14. September 2010 – 10:57 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen

Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen

Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen, of the National IT and Telecom Agency in Denmark, will be delivering a keynote speech at the PEP-NET Summit on 23rd September 2010, standing in for Noella Edelmann who unfortunately had to withdraw for personal reasons.

Mr Meyerhoff Nielsen is currently working on strategic development of the national citizen portal,, revolving around the implementation of an updated MyPage functionality together with five municipalities, performance management and key indicators, reuse of public sector information (Gov 2.0), potential cooperation with the Danish Bankers’ Association, and use of  and Web 2.0 and social media on the portal. The MyPage functionality allows every Danish citizen to see what information is held about them and access public information and services electronically. The updated functionality will, in addition to a host of other functions, allow increased personalisation – e.g. by adding municipality, household, spouse and children specific information and access – but also two-way, digitally signed, electronic communication with public sector organisations.

His current and previous employment has taken him across disciplinary and national boundaries, including: the Danish Technological Institute, Policy and Business Analysis (a founding member of PEP-NET); Centre for Development of Enterprise; the European Commission, Directorate General for Development; the European Institute of Public Administration; and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Mr Meyerhoff Nielsen has picked up a great deal of knowledge along the way, boasting wide-ranging expertise from international development and foreign direct investment to comparative eGovernment, via knowledge transfer to SMEs in developing countries.

As an expert in eParticipation and many other governance-related areas, Mr Meyerhoff Nielsen has authored and co-authored various publications, regularly presents at conferences and workshops, and is a guest lecturer at the European Institute of Public Administration, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Maastricht School of Management. He has been a jury member of the national eGovernment Awards in Sweden since 2008 and the Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment in 2010.

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PEP-NET Summit: Let’s Get Loud!

17. August 2010 – 18:32 by Rolf Luehrs


The calm of Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt is not usually disturbed by anything more than the chatter of tourists exploring the picturesque surroundings in the sun, or a sprinkling of rain sending ripples across the canals. (Here is a nice video as appetizer).

But on 23rd September 2010, we’re hoping to make waves that spread well beyond the canals of Hamburg to the furthest corners of Europe!

Along with the keynote speeches from the movers and shakers of European eParticipation, we will be hosting 14 half-hour presentations in our presentation corners. That’s a total of seven hours’ presentations of groundbreaking eParticipation projects in an informal atmosphere, where you will be able to move from one presentation to another and discuss with other participants.

As many as four presentations will be running in parallel, allowing you to move from one to the other according to what you find most interesting. It will get loud in there, but that will only add to the lively hustle and bustle and make sure that this is so much more than just another flashy conference.

We’ve got presenters from all across Europe: Germany, Scotland, England, Estonia, Slovakia, Greece, the Netherlands, and Denmark. The topics discussed will range from open government to grass-roots citizen participation in local politics via participatory budgeting. Our presenters themselves are a diverse bunch, in terms of nationality, areas of expertise, and organisations they work for: we’ve got academics like Peter Cruickshank from International Teledemocracy Centre at Edinburgh Napier University, Civil Servants like Hille Hinsberg from the Estonian Cabinet Office, and Dominic Campbell, founder and Director of UK consultancy and social innovation incubator FutureGov. Then there’s Chuck Hirt, of the Central and Eastern European Citizens Network, André Basten and Hanss Christian Lange from the City of Hamburg … and I could go on. Full details will be published soon together with the final agenda at the summit page – so stay tuned!

The PEP-NET Summit is all about participation, and we have really tried hard to keep that in focus: a glance at the agenda will confirm that there will be plenty of time for discussion, whether in the presentation corners, during the question and answer sessions at the end of each keynote session, or at the end of the day when there is an hour dedicated to summarising and discussing what was said. If that isn’t enough networking for you, make sure you come along to the dinner in the evening. Finally, on the following morning we are offering a tour of Hamburg with an eParticipation focus.  Look forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

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PEP-NET Summit Keynote Speaker: Noella Edelmann (Update!)

13. August 2010 – 09:24 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Noella Edelmann

Noella Edelmann, Danube University

Noella Edelmann will be speaking in the section “eParticipation in Europe: Strategic Aims vs. Practical Application” at the PEP-NET Summit on 23rd September 2010 in Hamburg.

Mrs Edelmann is a researcher at the Centre for E-Government at the Danube University, Krems, Austria. Her research focuses on eParticipation, Open Access, internet and psychology, and user experience and has been published in numerous journals.

Mrs Edelmann’s academic career knows no borders, neither physical nor disciplinary: her first degree is in English and Psychology from Strathclyde University and she also boasts an MSc in Organisational Psychology from the University of London. She now focuses on eGovernment: she has an MAS in eGovernment from Danube University and is working towards her PhD in User Experience in E-Particpation.

Mrs Edelmann is the Managing Editor of JEDEM, the Open Access eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government and is responsible for CEDEM, the annual international Conference on eDemocracy, formerly known as EDEM.

The Centre for E-Government’s membership of PEP-NET has been a symbiotic relationship. Mrs Edelmann recruits speakers from the Network’s ranks and is organising a special PEP-NET edition of JEDEM together with the team at the Centre for E-Government. Work with PEP-NET has been able to influence the eParticipation calendar of events in Europe and led to the organisation of PEP-NET workshops held at EDEM and other members’ conferences, most recently the PEP-NET workshop “Best methods for undemocratic participation“. Along with several other PEP-NET members, the Centre is a partner in the EU-funded project “OurSpace”.

The Centre for E-Government is part of the Department of Governance and Public Administration. It conducts research, provides post-graduate programmes and is a competence centre for education in E-Government. Amongst its partners are the Austrian Chancellery and Austrian Federal Computing Centre.

The Centre for E-Government is a founding member of PEP-NET.

UPDATE: Due to personal reasons Ms. Edelmann will not be able to attend the PEP-NET Summit. Her speaking slot will be filled by Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen (National IT- and Telecom Agency, DTI, Denmark). More information on Mr. Meyerhoff Nielsen will follow shortly!

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PEP-NET Summit Keynote Speaker: Paul Johnston

10. August 2010 – 08:21 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Paul Johnston, Cisco

Paul Johnston, Cisco

Paul Johnston will speak in the section “The Future of eParticipation: Regional, National and International” at the PEP-NET Summit. He works for the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) at Cisco Systems Inc, where he is head of the European public sector team. IBSG sponsors, a community space where people interested in public sector transformation can meet each other and share their ideas. Mr Johnston launched and helped shape with his Australian colleague Martin Stewart Weeks.

Prior to joing Cisco, Mr Johnston worked for various UK public sector organisations before joining HM Treasury, where his work as a policy advisor contributed to the 2000 Housing White Paper, Market Abuse legislation, and three Spending Reviews. By the time he moved to Cisco he had progressed to become Head of the Treasury’s Local Government Team. Before working in the public sector, he worked as a journalist for Reuters, the BBC and Tyne Tees Television.

Mr Johnston is recognised as a thought-leader in his field, and is perhaps most renowned for the paper he co-authored with Martin Stewart Weeks “The Connected Republic 2.0“, which explores the impact of web 2.0 on the public sector. This paper lent its name to the internet platform that the authors founded, where the ideas at its core continue to be developed.

Mr Johnston lives and works in London. Outside work, his main interests are his family, tennis, philosophy and psycho-analysis.

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PEP-NET Summit: Moderator, Richard Wilson

9. August 2010 – 16:56 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

We are pleased to announce that Richard Wilson will moderate the PEP-NET Summit on 23rd September 2010 in Hamburg. Thanks to his track-record as an event moderator – for example at the 2009 Ministerial Conference on eGovernment in Malmö – and his position as a leader in citizen participation, we are certain that Mr Wilson will help you get the most out of the Summit.

Mr Wilson is the director of izwe, a recently-launched social network that gives citizens more influence over their local areas by enabling them to share their opinions and ideas. izwe was founded by a group of researchers, developers and community mobilisers and has formed partnerships with local authorities and decision-makers.

Mr Wilson has delivered public engagement projects for governments, governmental organisations and businesses worldwide, including the European Commission, the BBC and the OECD. Until 2008 he was deputy chair of the UK government’s science engagement programme, ScienceWise. He founded the London-based think tank Involve, of which he was Director until moving to izwe. Involve is a member of PEP- NET.

Mr Wilson recently chaired the largest events for the French and Swedish EU Presidencies. He has written four books, writes for The Guardian newspaper and appears in the national media regularly.

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PEP-NET Summit Keynote Speaker: Anke Domscheit-Berg

6. August 2010 – 12:01 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Anke Domscheit-Berg

Anke Domscheit-Berg

Anke Domscheit-Berg is passionate about the potential for IT to connect citizens with government and does her part to move this field forward, which does not come as a surprise given her academic background, her professional career and her social engagement.

Indeed, it is the last of these that first catches the eye: on her personal blog about her visit to the Barefoot College in Rajasthan, India – of which she is German Ambassador – she describes herself as a feminist with green leanings (and she’s not a bad photographer, either, probably a fruit of her degree in Applied Arts 20 years ago). Dig a little deeper and it turns out that she is an advocate for all sorts of organisations and causes: from Amnesty International to Teach First Germany, via a German organisation banging the drum for female directors and a European Network of leading women in IT which wants to bring more gender balance into Technology Companies – across all leadership levels.

She writes regularly for national publications such as Die ZEIT, Die Tageszeitung, and der Freitag, and specialist publications such as eGovernment Computing and Kommune21. As a leading thinker on Germany’s Goverment 2.0 scene, she is also a regular contributor to the Government 2.0 Netzwerk Deutschland blog. A year ago, she initiated the German Government 2.0 Camp which will take place in September for the second time. Federal Minister of Interior, Mr Lothar de Maiziere, invited her as subject matter expert to his third Netpolicy Dialogue with a focus on eGovernment, where she pressed for a German Open Government Initiative.

But she is more than a commentator with a few smart ideas: following over a decade of experience in consulting firms McKinsey and Accenture where she advised large public sector accounts on their IT strategies (and even a stint at the Northumbria University as a network technician), Ms Domscheit-Berg is now Leader for Innovative Government Programs (including Government 2.0) with Microsoft Germany and became trusted advisor on innovation in eGovernment for public sector CIOs of all federal levels.

So we are really pleased to have Ms Domscheit-Berg speaking at the PEP-NET Summit from her unique standpoint as somebody not only with ideas and convictions but who is in a position to change things for the better.

Social Web:
Twitter: @anked

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PEP-NET Summit Keynote Speaker: Dr Thanassis Chrissafis

5. August 2010 – 15:34 by Bengt Feil (TuTech Innovation GmbH)

chrissafisDr Thanassis Chrissafis, who will speak on behalf of the European Commission at the PEP-NET Summit, is possibly its most knowledgeable and experienced employee in the field of eParticipation. In his speech he will present the Commission’s efforts to advance the eParticipation field, including achievements, lessons learnt and next steps.

The European Commission, especially the Unit for ICT for Government and Public Services (DG Information Society and Media), is among the key enablers of eParticipation in Europe and has helped to mature the field through its funding and research. eParticipation was at the centre of a number of its activities, for example the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, the eTEN Programme and the eParticipation Preparatory Action.

Dr Chrissafis studied economics (PhD) at the University of Sussex, UK and worked as a researcher in England until 1989. He joined the European Commission in the same year and has been, among other things, active in the fields of information society in regional programmes, eBusiness, coordinated socio-economic research in Information Society and worked on EU enlargement.

In his role as Programme Manager, Dr Chrissafis has influenced and helped advance the eParticipation field over several years. His work as a project officer in numerous innovative and successful projects has had a significant impact on the practical development of eParticipation and related research efforts. In particular, his involvement in the eParticipation Preparatory Action is of major significance. This activity aims to promote the development and use of ICT in legislative and decision-making processes in parliamentary and government environments. 21 different projects have been funded and run as part of this Preparatory Action. Following the Preparatory Action Dr Chrissafis continues his work on eParticipation for the European Commission, for example on the ICT-PSP Programme.

Dr Chrissafis is involved in PEP-NET as project officer and is PEP-NET’s primary contact in the European Commission.

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PEP-NET Summit: ePartizipation diskutieren – fördern – weiterentwickeln

9. July 2010 – 16:11 by Dorothee Ruetschle (TuTech Innovation GmbH)
Photo by fRandi-Shooters on

Photo by fRandi-Shooters on

Europas Netzwerk für ePartizipation PEP-NET – Pan European eParticipation Network – lädt am 23. September 2010 in die historische Speicherstadt der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg ein. Im Mittelpunkt der von Richard Wilson, dem Begründer von Involve and izwe, moderierten eintägigen Veranstaltung steht das Thema Online-Bürgerbeteiligung – ePartizipation.

Beleuchtet werden insbesondere die Facetten
- ePartizipation in Europa: strategische Ziele vs. Umsetzung
- Die Zukunft der ePartizipation: regional, national und international
- Vorzeigeprojekte der ePartizipation: Berichte aus dem Praxisfeld

Die internationale Tagung ist für die Bedürfnisse von Vertretern aus Verwaltung, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Bürgerorganisationen konzeptioniert. Gerade in Zeiten knapper Kassen stehen verschiedene Ausprägungen der ePartizipation, wie Bürgerhaushalte, die Beteiligung der Bürger an Gesetzgebungsverfahren, Open Data, Bürgerbeteiligung in der Politikfeldgestaltung, cooperative government und Transparenz bei Kommunen, Ländern und Nationen auf der Agenda. PEP-NET widmet sich der Förderung der ePartizipation und schafft mit der Veranstaltung eine besondere Plattform für einen intensiven Austausch, weiterführende Diskussionen und anregende Gespräche mit hochrangigen Persönlichkeiten.

PEP-NET freut sich besonders, die Teilnahme beitragsfrei anbieten zu können. Eine Anmeldung für die limitierte Veranstaltung ist ab sofort über die Online-Registrierung unter möglich.

Der offizielle Hashtag für die Veranstaltung ist #PEPSUM

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Register for the PEP-NET Summit!

8. July 2010 – 14:54 by John Heaven (TuTech Innovation GmbH)

Photo by fRandi-Shooters on

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and TuTech Innovation GmbH are pleased to announce the PEP-NET Summit, bringing public servants, practitioners, politicians, representatives of grass-roots organisations and academics together to share their knowledge and to kick-start new ideas and initiatives.

Taking place in Hamburg on 23rd September 2010, participation is free and tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Find out how to register for the free Summit on the dedicated PEP-NET Summit page. Richard Wilson (founder of Involve and izwe) will moderate the conference, there will be a high-carat line-up of speakers, and you will have a chance to present your project and talk to others about their projects in an informal setting.

We will organise a meal on the evening of the conference and, on the day after the conference, a guided tour of Hamburg which will take in some sites where eParticipation projects have made a mark. (Both of these will be at participants’ own expense.)  Hamburg is a beautiful city in Autumn so it is worth staying a little longer.

Keep an eye on the dedicated PEP-NET Summit page, as we will be updating it with full details of the agenda and speakers as the date approaches.

Whether you stay for the guided tour or not, take advantage of this one-off opportunity. There are only one-hundred places, so make sure you are on board!